You asked. We listened. Let's keep the conversation going!

We love hearing feedback on what brings you joy when using MemoryWeb. Your suggestions for how we can make the app even better are equally important to us.

Believe me when I say that we read every email you send, every request you make on social media, and every comment documented on our surveys. While we wish we could implement every great suggestion right away, we’re always trying to strike the right balance between bringing you innovative new features and enhancing your current experience.

So today we're thrilled to share that our latest updates include many of the suggestions you have been asking for! Even better? Other enhancements are already in the hopper, including a HUGE new feature we hope to tell you about in the April edition of our newsletter! (subscribe here)

File name enhancements:

Two of the most common requests we had were to give you the ability to edit your file names and also to sort your photos by file name. Give this new functionality a try - we think you'll love it!

Multi-photo tagging enhancements:

While we think our bulk photo tagging already offered some pretty darn robust functionality, we are always looking for ways to give you as much control as possible. When we heard that being able to bulk tag captions and keywords was at the top of the wishlist for many of you, we knew we had to make it happen. Enjoy!

Individual photo tagging enhancements:

We also take your comments to heart when you tell us something doesn't function the way you'd expect. This included being able to continue adding people to a photo who appear in the results window (see below) or to be able to add multiple keywords at one time. Both were very savvy insights, so we added them to the app, per request!

People enhancements

There are two new updates to our "People" functionality that we think you'll love! First, you can now search for people by Nickname. Second, we now show the full birthdate* in the profile header.

* Right now birthdates only accommodate the exact MM/DD/YYYY format, but we will be adding an approximate date option soon. In the meantime, we suggest setting the birthdate for those folks you are unsure of to January 1 of a plausible year. That way you can be relatively certain that the profile contains a placeholder date (unless you have lots of New Year's babies in your tree).


As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions! If you want to share them directly with us, please email us at