New Duplicate Finding Metadata Merging Feature!

Published April 5, 2022

You asked, and we answered! MemoryWeb's new duplicate finding feature is now available! This new tool offers so much incredible functionality, we know you're going to love it!

You can use our new duplicate finder to:

  • locate photos that are 100% identical
  • locate photos that are 95% or less identical (great for weeding out screenshots and photos with slight variations)
  • chose the best photo file to keep
  • chose existing metadata from across a group of duplicate photos to merge into the selected file
  • add new metadata to the selected file
  • and more!

How to get MemoryWeb's duplicate finder

The duplicate finder is part of MemoryWeb's desktop uploader tool. If you currently have MemoryWeb's desktop uploader tool installed, you will be prompted to update to the version that has the duplicate finder. If you don't already have the desktop uploader installed on your computer, you can download it (with duplicate finding functionality) here.

How to use MemoryWeb's duplicate finder

Watch this demo to see how to quickly find duplicate photos in your MemoryWeb account and make the most of the information you already tagged to those images!