Approximate Date Feature Now Available on MemoryWeb!

Posted by Nancy Desmond
MemoryWeb Co-founder

If you have old family photos, you've likely run across pictures where you can only guess at the time period in which they were taken. Or perhaps you have partial information, such as a year, but no other specifics.

With some stellar investigative work and a bit of luck, you may even be able to track down the missing information. Or not.

I've encountered this frequently myself, as I pour through photos I inherited from my family. I've fudged the system by making up details in order to be able to tag a date to a photo lacking all the specifics, but it never felt right.

When we heard the same kind of feedback from genealogists who are using MemoryWeb to document the history behind their vintage photos, we knew this was a common dilemma.

Sometimes you need the freedom to be imprecise because that's the best/only information that you have . . .

Problem Solved!

Being a co-founder of MemoryWeb has it's perks. One is that I can decide when a feature needs to be added or enhanced. This was a clear case where we needed to add some advanced functionality to the date tagging options that would better serve the needs of family historians.

So we decided to create an approximate date feature that allows you to tag a photo using just the information you feel confident about. The exact date option is still available for photos where you know all the specifics.

Introducing the Approximate Date Feature on MemoryWeb

This newly-released feature gives you the flexibility to add partial date information when you only know a few pieces of the puzzle.

The feature works like this: First, you can chose a month or a season if you have a general idea of the time. You can also chose neither. Next, you can set either a range of dates or a single year.

Approximate dates that are tagged to photos will be easy to distinguish since we'll place the circa symbol before the chosen information, such as this:


As with any new feature, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think of the approximate date feature by contacting us at

We listened and implemented. Now we hope you enjoy!