Back/Front Photo Flip Feature Now on MemoryWeb!

Posted by Nancy Desmond
MemoryWeb Co-founder

Back in the day, people often wrote the important details - who, what, when, where and why - on the back of photos. That way the story could stay connected to the picture forever.

My mother, Lori, is the one hamming it up on the far right

I love looking at writing on the back of our family photos, like my grandmother's very precise cursive script on the image above. My own writing is such a messy scrawl that it makes me chuckle to think I am descended from a woman with such meticulous penmanship. And insane baking skills.

Keeping the Connection . . . Digitally

I want to preserve the character of my ancestors' writing as much as the photos themselves, and this seems to be the consensus among MemoryWeb users. Many have told us about the diligent process they take when scanning old photos, carefully digitizing the backs that have handwritten notes along with the front sides.

While it's great that MemoryWeb lets you tag all these front/back details to photos digitally (and let's the details travel with the images as file metadata), we realized there was something missing when viewing these related photos inside our app.

Introducing Photo Linking with a Special Twist!

It's only natural to want to keep front and back sides of photos together. But instead of simply putting them next to one another, we decided to have some REAL fun. So we built our photo linking feature in a way that mimics the flipping motion we use when turning pictures over in real life. Cool, right?

In order to make this flipping happen, you just have to link your two photos:

  1. Find the first photo you want to link
  2. Click the "i" icon to see the image details
  3. Under Back/Front of Photo Link, click the green + add photo link
  4. Select the second photo you want to link
  5. Click "save" on the top right of the details page

You'll then see an icon with arrows going in a circle in the upper right of both photos. If you want to see the reverse image, click that icon and the photo will flip. And vice versa!

And the Link Goes On . . .

At risk of sounding like a broken record, MemoryWeb is truly committed to ensuring that details stay with photos wherever they go. So when you export a photo that is linked to another photo, we'll include all the usual metadata in the file AND will also include the linked photo file name in the metadata.


As with any new feature, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think of the front/back photo linking feature by contacting us at

We listened and implemented. Now we hope you enjoy!