A Mother's Day She'll Remember

Giving the gift of memories

Looking for a creative gift idea for Mom this year? Here's an idea that's outside of the box, figuratively and literally.

So many of us (and our parents) are sitting on stockpiles of old print photos. Many are in albums or frames, but it's also common to have shoe boxes or other containers of random, loose photos.

What if you offered to round up photos for your mom and have them digitized? This could be as simple as taking one of mom's photo albums to your home and scanning those photos yourself, or it could be as robust as packing and shipping all your family's print photos to a company that does bulk scanning, such as Scan My Photos.

Of course, MemoryWeb is there to make photo organizing, tagging and sharing easy once your photos have been digitized. With MemoryWeb, you can:

  1. Add/edit the dates of those photos so they are correct … FOREVER!
  2. Add people to the photos
  3. Add GPS locations
  4. Add comments, keywords and the “story” of the photo

Watch Chris, one of MemoryWeb's founders, as he captures some childhood memories with his mom.

Getting Started

Here are some really easy general tips that can help you once you are about to scan the photos for your mom:

  1. Ideal file format is TIF, since it preserves digital assets with much higher integrity
  2. Scan at a minimum of 300 dpi, but 600 dpi (or higher) is recommended
  3. For very delicate/old photos, don't remove them from the album or frame. Instead, use a product like Shotbox that allows you to digitize a photo without moving the image.
  4. If there is writing on the back, be sure to scan BOTH sides of your photo to preserve those details, and the character of the handwriting.
  5. Back up your digital files in multiple places (MemoryWeb, desktop computer, external hard drive, etc.)

There are many other tips we can provide in terms of digitizing and organizing your photos. If you want to take a deeper dive, you can check out our blogs here:

We sincerely hope you enjoy celebrating mom, family traditions and the onset of spring. Time to make some memories!

All the best from the MemoryWeb founders,

Nancy, Chris and Mike