Because One Day They'll Care . . .

Posted by Nancy Desmond
MemoryWeb Co-founder

Our oldest son started high school this fall. While we knew this transition would bring big changes for us all, we had no idea how many significant "firsts" would happen during freshman year.

We're no strangers to navigating new leaps in education, but the social differences between grade school and junior high are much more subtle. High school is a whole new animal.

Gone are the days of ice cream socials and after-school Olympics. We are now at the stage where pep rallies and dances with actual dates are the norm, and weekends are filled with non-stop adventures.

And we want to capture as many of these moments as possible.

So, despite the Oscar-worthy eye rolling when we stop to take a photo, we do our darndest to capture these rights of passage. From first dances to the day we first realized our boy was the tallest in our family, each turning point matters to us.

Right now, our sons couldn't care less about the photos we take unless they consider them "Insta-worthy," deserving of space on their social media accounts. According to teenagers, if it didn't happen on Snapchat, did it really happen at all?

My husband and I get it. We were champion eye rollers ourselves back in the day and know that today's photos are far too recent and plentiful to be impactful to our boys right now.

But as much as we had hated taking photos as kids, we're incredibly grateful to have them now. Even the ones where I was skateboarding in clogs (why??!!) These photos connect us to our childhood and our family in a way nothing else can. And we know our boys will get over their annoyance when they're looking for a great throwback pic during college. Or when they want to show their own kids that no one rocked neon clothing better than a grade schooler in 2010.

So we continue to capture and permanently tag these moments, because someday our kids will care about these photos (and the stories behind them) as much as we do.

PS: If you're wondering about how the details were shown as part of the homecoming image above, you can read more about that feature here: Memory Stamp

PPS: If you want to know how easy it is to get all tag details INSIDE your photo files when they leave MemoryWeb, click to find more information on Embedding Metadata through MemoryWeb's File DNA technology

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