MemoryWeb Releases New Set of Features to Help Families Connect Past, Present, and Future Generations of Photos from One Place

Chicago, IL, August 25, 2017 – MemoryWeb, LLC. today announced a new set of features designed to help create a living bridge between all generations. The feature set includes an interactive family tree, people sharing, downloading from FamilySearch and new options to share photos with specific details visible.

The release of this feature set comes ahead of MemoryWeb’s debut exhibit at the Federation of Genealogical Society’s (FGS) Conference taking place August 29-September 2, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA.

“We’re excited to release these features prior to exhibiting at the FGS conference,” says MemoryWeb co-founder Christopher Desmond. “Attendees of this conference are passionate about genealogy, and these features will give them a whole new way to link, share, preserve and explore family memories from the past and present.”

The newly-released features are the first in the series of additional features/enhancements slated to be delivered later this year and include:

Interactive Family Trees

This new feature connects the photos of each member of a user’s family tree. When they tag a person’s parents, a tree automatically begins to build with links to the profile pages of parents, siblings, children and more. Profile pages show every photo, album, place and vital record tagged to a person, plus details like birthday, age and family members as you scroll through the app.

People Sharing

This long-requested feature allows MemoryWeb users to share all photos of a person with details to other MemoryWeb accounts in one click. The photos/details will come over via a shared album, which gives the recipient the flexibility to choose what they would like to do with those photos:

  1. View them as a virtual album
  2. Chose select photos to download to their own account
  3. Save all photos to a person
  4. Collaborate with family/friends by adding more photos of that person

Flexibility was of critical importance to users requesting this feature as they wished to maintain control of how they organized their photos when sharing people, especially when facing generations of namesakes.

FamilySearch Sync

This new feature allows users to directly download photos, and documents from their FamilySearch account into their MemoryWeb account. As MemoryWeb imports from FamilySearch, the app will automatically:

  1. Create profiles of each family member the user is directly descended from, along with key vitals
  2. Tags photos/documents for each family member with details present (e.g., location, comments)
  3. Add “Stories” associated with photos to the photo
  4. Links family members so you can easily navigate them and their photos

Photo Detail Sharing

Many users wanted to be able to share “back-of-the-photo" details for pictures they had researched or taken recently. This new feature allows them to post on social media, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch, etc. with tag details of their choosing ON the pictures. Photos can be shared without details too.

The release of these features also marks an evolved focus for MemoryWeb to serve an unmet need in the genealogy industry.

“Family historians have always struggled to connect past and present family memories in a single platform,” says Desmond. “People want a solution that combines their day-to-day photos with historical ones and allows them to explore the family relationships that bind them.”

MemoryWeb now unites these two worlds.

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About MemoryWeb

Founded by three Chicago-based entrepreneurs with a track record of start-up success, MemoryWeb is a photo platform that brings generations of photos in one organized place, creates interactive connections between them and preserves “back-of-the-photo” details forever.