Getting Started

Here are some tips to help you get your stuff into MemoryWeb as quickly, and easily, as possible. For a full overview, visit our introductory video collection and select the option to Play All.

Since MemoryWeb allows you to sync directly from sources, we always advise new users to allow the app to gather photos from everywhere possible.

Why does a direct sync matter?

When you sync photos directly to MemoryWeb, we grab as much information as each source allows to preserve the effort you've put into tagging and organizing them.

Plus, we not only gather the typical tags, but we also attach smart tags for you that would otherwise be lost.

Here's a chart that shows details by source.

Once your photos are in the app, you can edit tags or add new ones easily. This is especially helpful for anyone with scanned photos, which will have the wrong date and often no other tags.

Here are some brief video tutorials that can show how to add/edit tags:

Viewing, adding and editing photo tags

How to view/edit photos with no date

Linking photo fronts and backs

Once your photos are inside MemoryWeb, you can explore them in countless ways. See all your photos on an interactive world map. Click a person tag and you'll go to their profile that show all photos, albums, and locations tagged to them plus you'll also be able to connect to an interactive tree of their immediate family. The possibilities for connecting the dots across all generations, places, events, people and family are endless.

See some ways to navigate:

Sort and edit photos

Navigating locations and albums

Explore profiles and family trees

What are DOT-TAG links?

When it comes time to share photos with details, you can do that in multiple ways.

Memory Stamp
As you export a photo, you can chose which details (or none) you would like to "stamp" below the photo (see image on left).

The details are actually part of the photo, so this is a fantastic option when you want to post a picture onto a site that does not read metadata (i.e., tag details)

Embedding Metadata through MemoryWeb's File DNA technology
When you export photos from MemoryWeb, all the details are inserted into the file's EXIF and IPTC metadata fields.

This means that the "back-of-the-photo" details travel with your image and can be used by any platform that reads and utilizes photo metadata.