Keep Your Photos and Details Together, Everywhere They Go

Digital “back-of-the-photo” details are at risk of being lost, trapped in the platforms in which they are being stored

Back when photos were only printed, details were often added on the back, traveling every where the picture went.

Today those details are added digitally, but what happens to key information such as date, location, people, etc. when the images are exported or even just shared outside the platform in which they reside? More often than not, these details become invisible. In some cases, they’re overridden or stripped out entirely. That’s one of the main reasons why we invented MemoryWeb.

Preserving your work with MemoryWeb

MemoryWeb directly syncs photos from Dropbox, Facebook, FamilySearch, Flickr, Google Drive, Instagram, iOS camera roll, and your computer, so we’re able to gather and save existing information for each image and even automatically create tags for you. See details gathered for each platform.

Inside MemoryWeb

Once your photos are inside the app, you can edit our tags or add new tags, such as:

  • People (facial recognition or manually)
  • Album Name
  • Location (exact and nickname)
  • Date (exact or approximate)
  • Caption/Description
  • Photo Contributor
  • Related Image

Then watch your historic and current photos come alive inside MemoryWeb via memory albums, front/back photo linking, dynamic family trees, journey maps and a lot more.

Outside MemoryWeb

Your tags will automatically be converted into metadata that is embedded inside your photo file. These details are stored in the most commonly used photo metadata fields: IPTC and EXIF.

You can also have details stamped below your image as an actual part of the photo (see example on left).

This is particularly useful for posting pictures on platforms such as Ancestry that do not read and use photo metadata when images are uploaded.

We give you two ways to keep photos and details together to ensure your research and context is preserved for all generations.